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the russian-british information portal: 03.04.04
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Russian Courier - the russian-british information portal

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Of news 01.02.2010


01.02.04 Eighty years ago great britain has established diplomatic relations from ussr
London 16 .


01.02.04 British demand investigation of the reasons of iraq war
The majority of citizens of great britain support carrying out of independent investigation upon activity of the government of the country on the threshold of input of armies to iraq. the data of the sociological poll spent by in common british newspaper sunday times and the mail is that.

01.02.04 British airways flights
British Airways London 223 1 2 207

01.02.04 chocolate day a temptation for fans of diet
British who on the eve of new year have made the promise not is chocolate to grow thin, face the big temptation. according to representatives of the shops which are engaged in trade by foodstuff, on february, 1st sales volumes in great britain traditionally increase, informs ananova.


01.02.04 50 cent the rapper 50 cent will take part in "grammy"
"grammy" which will take place in los-anzhelese on february, 8th, 2010 will take part in ceremony. the rapper is put forward on five nominations, including nominations best new actor and the best man's solo rap.


01.02.04 "liverpool" has again disappointed
In the championship of england have passed matches of today's game round. it is necessary to recognise as the most interesting results a drawn game of "liverpool" by the way, frankly disappointing in this year with the game, with "everton", defeat of "aston viloj" of "leicester" with the account 5:0 and a fighting drawn game of "birmingham" and "newcastle" 1:1.

Of incident

01.02.04 "kontinental " the airline "kontinental has cancelled on saturday flight from glasgow to los angeles
"kontinental " the airline "kontinental has cancelled on saturday flight from glasgow to los angeles -- .

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03.04.04 Of osborny have declared that their daughter - addict
03.04.04 "glasgow rejndzhers" has signed the contract on cooperation with the chinese club
03.04.04 The photographer of the newspaper "dignity" arthur edwards is separated from shootings of successors of throne
03.04.04 Black sabbath can to reunite
03.04.04 Tony blair has approved michael grejda's appointment to a post of chairman of board of directors bi-bi-si
03.04.04 Britain will start up under a knife of 268 units military aircraft technicians
03.04.04 Britain have accused of expansion of crops poppy
03.04.04 The hero of the iraq war has won journalists
03.04.04 "tottenham" the situation in kosovo wants to buy the player of modular holland
03.04.04 Was the focus of attention during a meeting of heads the ministry of foreign affairs of the russian federation and great britain
03.04.04 Journalists recognised klaudio raneri as the best trainer of prime minister-league last month
03.04.04 Putin: russia does not put in the foreseeable future the purpose of the introduction into eu
03.04.04 Of head the ministry of foreign affairs of the russian federation and great britain have discussed questions of development of relations between russia and eu
03.04.04 Inspectors of scotland yard on saturday will go to libya
02.04.04 The ericsson recommended the instructor of "geteborg" for a post of the trainer of "chelsea"
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the russian-british information portal: 03.04.04
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