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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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02.12.03 Great britain has entered penalties for using phone at the wheel
In territory of great britain since yesterday penalties for using a mobile phone are entered during driving. this measure has for an object to raise safety level on roads. infringers are threatened with the penalty at a rate of 30 pounds sterling, informs the first channel.

02.12.03 Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action
Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action - . " ", .

01.12.03 The public supports use of chambers for measurement of speed
The majority of british support use of chambers which allow to measure speed of movement of motor transport. as have shown six various researches of public opinion, last of which research of company transport 2000 have shown that on the average 74 % of british support an extract of penalties to the motorists exceeding speed.

01.12.03 Great britain is afraid of acts of terrorism on christmas
"scotland yard and -5 are disturbed by that islamic fanatics can prepare for carrying out of simultaneous acts of terrorism against the accessible purposes, in particular, shopping centres", - the british newspaper "sandi tajms" writes on sunday.

01.12.03 Bi-bi-si will pay to the best journalists of two million pounds
As has declared in interview to the british newspaper "sandi telegraph" the general director of the british telebroadcasting corporation greg dajk, the interdiction approved by its management for non-staff cooperation of journalists of bi-bi-si with other mass media will be shortly declared.

30.11.03 The british police interrogates two arrested persons on suspicion in communications with the international terrorism
The british police continues to interrogate two arrested persons on suspicion in communications with the international terrorism.

29.11.03 In college library the prayer book of times of renaissance
In library of college of st. edmunda in herdforshire is found out found out decorated with miniatures xvi centuries which cost makes about one million pounds.

29.11.03 History
History and geography courses can be united in one subject at school examinations gcse.

29.11.03 The british planning acts of terrorism against royal family
The arrested person on suspicion in communications with "al kaide" the british is arrested planned to carry out act of terrorism during time a match, and also against one of the governmental buildings or against royal family.

28.11.03 Explosives
Are found out in the british suspected of terrorism policemen from skotlend-yard have found out explosives in the house of the 24-year-old british of the asian origin which is suspected of communications with al-kaidoj. he has been arrested during scale police spot-check on thursday morning. the police declares that explosives have been confiscated from the house of the suspect and any more do not represent danger informs ananova.

28.11.03 Students want to displace prince phillip
28.11.03 After six years in power to blair it is necessary to explain, that he wants
28.11.03 London 11
28.11.03 Of bi-bi-si are arrested will consider the problem on an interdiction to the regular journalists to be authors of columns in newspapers
28.11.03 At tony blair again there were problems with health
28.11.03 Of bekhem has received from the queen an award of british empire
28.11.03 London
27.11.03 David kelly's business became for the air forces lesson
27.11.03 Harrods: a christmas gift for 10 million pounds
27.11.03 Elizabeth ii is revolted by a loss put by bush to park of buckingham palace

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02.12.03 , as dinosaurs cared of kids
02.12.03 Of the action "manchester united" continue new video game will grow
02.12.03 To be advertised by blood
02.12.03 Donald ramsfeld has received the award for the most tongue-tied phrase of year
02.12.03 Putin's
02.12.03 Great britain has entered penalties for using phone at the wheel
02.12.03 Present rating of dzhill is defined:" the mu "does not change hands
02.12.03 The president of"real": i want to buy anri
02.12.03 Fa has fined giggza and ronaldo for behaviour in a match with"arsenal"
02.12.03 Britain is back
02.12.03 S.ivanov: the decision of great britain to give the status of political emigrant a.zakaevu raises doubts
02.12.03 Spare parts to"concorde"are sold by auction
02.12.03 The head of the ministry of internal affairs of great britain has received black eye
02.12.03 Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action
01.12.03 The project of the constitution of the european union can be accepted in december
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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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