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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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02.12.03 Actions "manchester united" continue to grow
Club "manchester united" actions large american businessman malkolm glazer continues to buy up, write "sheets".

29.11.03 The wall street journal: morning "chelsea"
London, "" " ".

29.11.03 The dollar has fallen to a record minimum - 1,199 dollars for euro
London Bloomberg.

28.11.03 British 2
British spend on foreign trips of more money, than all europeans visiting great britain, to such conclusion have come the british sociologists.

27.11.03 Multinational corporation international profit for half a year net profit tnk international for 6 months 2010 under standards us gaap has made $1,08
Has made $1,0807 against $1,6665 for all 2010. about it it is told in the company report. the company gain has made $5,628 ($6,912 for all 2010). total profit tnk international under standards us gaap has made $2,143 billion

25.11.03 Sandwiches will create 1000 new workplaces
Chain store system benjys which is engaged in trade by sandwiches, soon will create more than 1000 new workplaces. it became possible thanks to expansion of shops and functioning of system of mobile delivery, informs ananova.

25.11.03 Media magnate rupert merdok does not intend to buy "daily telegraph"
Media magnate rupert merdok does not intend to buy the newspaper "daily telegraph". as the newspaper "fajnenshl tajms", the company "njuz internenshl" has informed, prosecuting subjects of printing editions in media corporation merdoka "njuz korp", officially declared that does not show interest in purchase of the qualitative newspaper largest in britain.

23.11.03 British ""
" ", London 300 .

22.11.03 London
London "" 29,53 .

22.11.03 The tunnel near la manche again became unprofitable
The general director of company "eurotunnel" richard shirrefs has declared that this year the company has finished with small dead losses. meanwhile, last year became for the first time profitable for the tunnel connecting great britain with continental europe. the reason of losses - price war.

22.11.03 London $265
22.11.03 Bush's visit negatively has affected retail trade in the british capital
21.11.03 HSBC London
20.11.03 London -
19.11.03 Of the owner of "chelsea" accuse of infringement of tax laws
19.11.03 S&p has appropriated a multinational corporation-vr rating at level "vv-"
17.11.03 Owners of houses property
17.11.03 London " "
14.11.03 Two lines of the london underground have completely stopped the work at 24 o'clock in connection with strike
13.11.03 From the netherlands to great britain will stretch gas pipeline

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02.12.03 , as dinosaurs cared of kids
02.12.03 Actions "manchester united" continue to grow
02.12.03 New video game donald ramsfeld will be advertised by blood
02.12.03 Has received the award for the most tongue-tied phrase of year
02.12.03 Putin's
02.12.03 Present rating great britain is defined has entered penalties for using phone at the wheel
02.12.03 Dzhill:" the mu "does not change hands
02.12.03 The president of"real": i want to buy anri
02.12.03 Fa has fined giggza and ronaldo for behaviour in a match with"arsenal"
02.12.03 Britain is back
02.12.03 S.ivanov: the decision of great britain to give the status of political emigrant a.zakaevu raises doubts
02.12.03 Spare parts to"concorde"are sold by auction
02.12.03 The head of the ministry of internal affairs of great britain has received black eye
02.12.03 Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action
01.12.03 The project of the constitution of the european union can be accepted in december
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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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