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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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01.12.03 Jagger and wilkinson become knights
To leader rolling stones mik jagger and johnny wilkinson will be welcomed a knightly title in the same day, on december, 10th, the press-service of the bukingesky palace has informed.

30.11.03 Albums queen it will be laid out in internet
Under the order of label emi, all albums of legendary rock group queen will be laid out in the internet and are accessible to downloading to inhabitants of europe and great britain.

29.11.03 Rolling stones have earned in tour of 300 million
Round rolling stones which has come to the end one month ago in zurich under the name "forty licks", has enriched musicians on 300 million dollars. tour "forty licks" by 40-year-old anniversary of group.

29.11.03 On sale john lennon's
Album in the usa on friday on sale is exposed john lennon's album "double imagination" is exposed, which singer has signed to the future murderer mark chepmenu.

28.11.03 "love actually" the english romantic comedy "love actually", left on screens in last weekend has broken records of cash gathering
, has broken records of cash gathering, having brought in the first days of hire of 6,5 million pounds.

27.11.03 London
In halls works of the well-known british artists of turner, blejka and gejnsboro, and also the big collection of pictures of john konsteblja are placed. two galleries are taken away to pictures of konsteblja, turner and their contemporaries on which the british landscapes are represented.

27.11.03 London
London 7, 14, 24 28 Royal Festival Hall .

26.11.03 British 4
The solar disk made of gold, the british archeologist sajmon timberlejk has found out. the unique find, which age is dated approximately 2000 bc, has been made at excavation around settlement kumistujt in the wales.

26.11.03 Rembrandt's drawing have found in recycle bin
( London).

26.11.03 The concert in moscow the british group def leppard
Musicians has finished the world tour have passed on the world with tours in support of the latest album "x". at the moscow concert british have won back not only new compositions, but also old hits pour some sugar on me and two steps behind.

25.11.03 Historians are assured that have found harold's tomb ii
25.11.03 Duran duran will receive the award "brits"
25.11.03 Michael jackson the prime minister of great britain has outstripped busted in ratings
25.11.03 Became ""
23.11.03 To tony blair will appear in "simpsons"
22.11.03 Queen will let out a track with samples of speeches of nelson of mandela
22.11.03 The english writer has refused literary award
22.11.03 In great britain the first guitar of j is sold from auction.
22.11.03 London
21.11.03 "winnie-the-pooh" and "hobbit" in author's execution will be let out on cd

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02.12.03 , as dinosaurs cared of kids
02.12.03 Of the action "manchester united" continue new video game will grow
02.12.03 To be advertised by blood
02.12.03 Donald ramsfeld has received the award for the most tongue-tied phrase of year
02.12.03 Putin's
02.12.03 Present rating great britain is defined has entered penalties for using phone at the wheel
02.12.03 Dzhill:" the mu "does not change hands
02.12.03 The president of"real": i want to buy anri
02.12.03 Fa has fined giggza and ronaldo for behaviour in a match with"arsenal"
02.12.03 Britain is back
02.12.03 S.ivanov: the decision of great britain to give the status of political emigrant a.zakaevu raises doubts
02.12.03 Spare parts to"concorde"are sold by auction
02.12.03 The head of the ministry of internal affairs of great britain has received black eye
02.12.03 Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action
01.12.03 The project of the constitution of the european union can be accepted in december
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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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