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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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Russian Courier - the russian-british information portal

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02.12.03 Traces show, as dinosaurs cared of kids
Daily telegraph: the first certificates of the relation of females of a dinosaur to the recently born posterity are found out on island skye.

02.12.03 New video game will be advertised by blood
The manufacturer of games acclaim entertainment is going to spend to great britain, probably, the most bloody advertising campaign in the history from publicity boards blood will exude.

02.12.03 Spare parts to "concorde" are sold by auction
As transfers the british tv channel "skye njuz", all on sale 128 prizes which represent various elements of the legendary plane are exposed. in the auctions will take part nearby 3,5 fans of aircraft.

01.12.03 British
British BBC News.

28.11.03 Englishmen have invented a new way of reception of deckman cages
The british corporation tristem is ready to begin tests in public new technology of reception of deckman cages from white blood cells.

27.11.03 "concorde" has gone to farewell flight
"concorde" has gone to farewell flight " ".

26.11.03 The air liner "concorde" is delivered to eternal parking
The supersonic passenger air liner "concorde" by british "to british " has arrived on tuesday to the new york harbour to rise on eternal parking on hudson.

25.11.03 The love operates like a drug, scientists
Under the statement of doctor john marsdena from the narcological centre of london hospital modsli confirm, the condition of love and strong passion practically differs nothing from a condition of narcotic intoxication at level of biochemical reactions in a brain.

24.11.03 A digital camera - a favourite gadget of englishmen
During poll spent by magazine "t3", specialising on household electronics and last novelties of high technologies, it has been found out that a favourite gadget of the british fans of heaped up hi-tech are tiny digital cameras.

21.11.03 The cyberspace of great britain is developed insufficiently
The first place in the world on access to the internet sweden occupies, it is followed by denmark and iceland. norway takes in this list only the fifth place. this first this sort of research spent on a global scale.

20.11.03 England - on 12 place in world "cyber-rating"
20.11.03 Operation on face transplantation is recognised frog too dangerous to patients
18.11.03 Croak with accent, scientists
16.11.03 The gain from auction on sale of parts of "concorde" have found out has exceeded 3 million euro
13.11.03 Of the herring talk with each other gases
13.11.03 To choose a sex of a child will forbid
13.11.03 The scheme of scanning of an eye and fingerprints will test british airways for 10 thousand persons
12.11.03 Will expose on auction of 120 parts of "concorde"
12.11.03 Physicians are ready to operation on face transplantation
11.11.03 "" - London

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02.12.03 Traces show, as dinosaurs cared of kids
02.12.03 Of the action "manchester united" continue to grow
02.12.03 New video game will be advertised by blood
02.12.03 Donald ramsfeld has received the award for the most tongue-tied phrase of year
02.12.03 Putin's
02.12.03 Present rating great britain is defined has entered penalties for using phone at the wheel
02.12.03 Dzhill:" the mu "does not change hands
02.12.03 The president of"real": i want to buy anri
02.12.03 Fa has fined giggza and ronaldo for behaviour in a match with"arsenal"
02.12.03 Britain is back
02.12.03 S.ivanov: the decision of great britain to give the status of political emigrant a.zakaevu the head of the ministry of internal affairs of great britain raises doubts
02.12.03 Spare parts to "concorde" are sold by auction
02.12.03 Has received black eye
02.12.03 Workers of the london underground have postponed protest action
01.12.03 The project of the constitution of the european union can be accepted in december
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the russian-british information portal: 02.12.03
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