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RussianCourier - the russian-british information portal
the russian-british information portal: 01.04.04
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The commercial objectives of this project creation of uniform operative advertising space for the enterprises having the russian-british context.

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You can automatically export headings of news on the site. for export of news, you can use one of following formats:

RSS, /news/export/last_news.rss
RDF, /news/export/last_news.rdf
XML, /news/export/last_news.

The most simple way it to insert java-script a code which is settling down about /news/export/last_news.js, .
For example:

<table width="250"><tr><td>
<script language="JavaScript" src="/news/export/last_news.js"></script>

All files contain headings of the last of 15 news and are updated in process of receipt of news.


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/ : + 44 (0) 1273 308719
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01.04.04 England and czechia examination have not handed over
01.04.04 London
01.04.04 , London
01.04.04 Emi will reduce one and a half thousand workplaces
01.04.04 British buy new gadgets more often others
01.04.04 Mccartney has given the improvised concert in america
01.04.04 Libya wants, that britain has supported its demand for world championship carrying out on football
01.04.04 Money for concern eurofighter british have spent for war in iraq
01.04.04 The titan sir peter ustinov can generate slow tsunami
01.04.04 Will is buried on april, 4th
01.04.04 Sun: abramovich and kenon have apologised before raneri
01.04.04 The national team of estonia the national team of the wales has conceded to a command of northern ireland
01.04.04 English national team under the direction of the ericsson has beaten hungary
01.04.04 Has lost to swedes
01.04.04 Since april, 1st of the ministry of internal affairs of russia will start to give out new international passports
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